Fixed rfid readers

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The fixed RFID reader is the component in charge of sending the information to the RFID  antennas so that they can «communicate» with the inlays in the area. The information that is sent back from the tags is then interpreted by these readers.

They are designed to be placed permanently or semi-permanently in specific areas to ensure that the reading of the tags is as effective as possible within your system.

The R420 is one of the most popular 4 antenna readers on the market.

The R220 is one of the most popular 2 antenna readers on the market.

High-performance UHF RFID reader with integrated O.S.

This Deister UHF RFID reader is extremely robust and has a high performance.

The xSpan Gateway from Impinj is a fixed RFID reader designed to provide permanent traceability and motion detection of tagged items within the RFID system.

The Impinj Xarray Gateway is an industrial RFID reader designed for large scale item level applications in retail, healthcare and manufacturing.

The Impinj Xportal Gateway RFID reader has been designed to solve the size and assembly limitations of traditional RFID portals.

The Impinj Speedway Revolution R120 is one of the best RFID readers on the market. Designed for one antenna and for high performance and efficiency.

This compact reader for 4 antennas has an excellent performance at an incredible price.

Small UHF RAIN RFID reader with two ports, high performance and multiprotocol.

Compact RFID reader. Programmable, network-connected and with with read/write capabilities.

Ultra-thin UHF desktop reader/recorder, with USB communication and power supply as well as indicator leds.

UHF reader/recorder with integrated antenna for medium distance reading points.

Multi-purpose RFID reader from CAEN with integrated antenna designed for short and medium range applications.

Small and robust short range RFID reader with integrated antenna and an industrial design.

Industrial RFID reader with integrated antenna, developed to allow fast and reliable identification of assets both at rest and while in motion. 

RFID reader and recorder designed for medium distance applications with simoultaneos tag reading capabilities.

Desktop HF RFID ISO15693 and ISO14443A/B compliant.  It has recording capabilities and comes with USB communication.

Read/write RFID module with USB interface, for multiple 13.56 MHz chips.

RFID tag reader in flash drive format with USB connection. A simple plug and play RFID reader for you computer.

The Caen Proton is a rugged long range industrial RAIN RFID reader designed for installations in industrial environments.


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Unlike fixed RFID readers, portable and handheld RFID readers offer superior versatility as they can operate without the need for power cables thanks to their batteries.

3.5″ touch screen industrial PDA designed with UHF RFID reading capabilities and with an integrated external directional antenna.

RFID reader/writer designed in  a keychain format. It comes with bluetooth communication and can read UHF tags at a short distance.

4 inch screen industrial Smartphone with an integrated UHF RFID reader.

Medium to long range handheld RFID reader with internal rechargeable battery, designed to operate both wired and wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The XC-1003 is a compact and versatile cell phone device designed for IoT UHF RAIN RFID systems


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These RFID devices and OEM modules are designed with future homebrewed customizations in mind.

These devices allow the design and development of custom RFID readers.

Mifare NFC low-cost, ultra-low-power RFID reader / writer module.

Small HF RFID reader/writer module with low power consumption. It comes with an integrated antenna and multiprotocol support.

Multiprotocol HF RFID module, with connection for an external antenna.

The Caen Quark-up is an upgrade to the ultra-compact integrated RFID reader OEM module: Quark. Designed for low power, high performance RFID systems.

Compact multi-regional RAIN RFID module for high performance applications.

Ultra-compact integrated reader for low-power, high-performance RAIN RFID applications.



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