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Plug & Play RFID access control system for patrol verification that records the presence and location of personnel in certain places and times.


For maintenance-free and reliable data collection.

Deister’s dataLog systems use RFID technology for control points and data collection. This ensures that control points can be installed in the most hostile environments without the need for maintenance or power supply. This technology is ideal for use in outdoor areas, which must be monitored regularly.

Our dataLog products are contactless and the point of contact.
control is read simply by keeping the data collection in front of the control point. Since the control points do not require physical contact, they can be painted or installed on walls, as well as carpentry or masonry.

Sistema de control de acceso RFID
tarjetas rfid para control de acceso


Quick reports of additional information

Event cards allow you to report additional events that may be necessary during the round or checks that are performed. For example; open window, toilet leak or maintenance required. Event cards can be carried with the data collector and when an event has to be registered simply hold the corresponding card in front of the data taker, which makes the time and event to be recorded correctly.

You can choose which events you want to report on depending on the environment or health and safety requirements.


A robust data collector for everyday use.

One of the many distinguishing features of the guardiX II data collector is that there are no buttons, switches or other external moving parts that may be prone to failure. Its intelligent design also means that there is no need for an orifice for a probe, but that the data collector vibrates when a control point is read, making it almost silent during operation. An LED and vibration provide haptic feedback making it ideal for patrols, rounds or controls that need to be carried out in places such as hospitals, jails and hotels or in a noisy manufacturing environment where the user does not hear or can hear a siren.

When a control point is read, its identification number along with the time and date are stored in the data collector for transmission and processing. The guardiX II can read up to 500,000 control points from a pair of AA batteries, minimizing downtime. In addition to reading our control points, GuardiX II collectors can also read other deister RFID transponders.

All deister electronic systems can share the data and information they collect using a common software platform: Commander Connect. The GuardiX II collector has IP67 environmental protection and has an operating temperature range of -10 to 60 degrees.
It is also available as a special ATEX version for hazardous environments.

sistema RFID para control de acceso
Dispositivos RFID para control de acceso
lector de tarjetas rfid en sistema de control de acceso


RFID control points are maintenance-free and require no power. Small, inconspicuous control points can be glued or mounted securely with a special security screw.
RFID control points are resistant to temperature, climate and other environmental factors.

tag rfid control de acceso


The guardTrans is the data transfer unit for the guardiX II USB collectors. It is connected to a PC or laptop via the USB port and transfers the date when the collector is inserted. To ensure maximum accuracy, the real-time clock on the guardiX II data collector is synchronized during the download operation.
The LED and vibration provide haptic feedback when data has been downloaded correctly.

cargador para lector de RFID


GuardiX Connect transmits data immediately after completing each route, without the need for a data transfer unit. Data is transmitted via the GSM network and securely encrypted via the Deister cloud. This allows independence from any local infrastructure.
The data remains securely encrypted at all times and is only decoded by your system.

Software control de acceso RFID



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