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How much does an RFID tag cost

In this article we will talk about the costs of RFID and try to clarify how much we can spend on our RFID system.

To speak in general terms of the cost of the different components of an RFID system trying to provide exact figures is a practically impossible task given the wide diversity of RFID items in today's market.
Therefore, we will offer estimates to try to satiate your curiosity and offer representative cost ranges for the current RFID market.

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We are happy to give you a quotation so you can compare our prices with those of other companies. 

To date, most companies that sell RFID tags do not indicate prices because the price is based on volume, memory, the packaging of the tag itself, and whether the tag is active, passive or many other variables.

That being said, we are committed to providing you with a rough estimate that will give you a good idea of what to expect when building your own RFID system:

Passive RFID tags

96-bit passive tags (chip and antenna mounted on a substrate) can cost between €0.08 and €0.15 per unit. If the tag is also embedded in a thermal transfer label where you can print a barcode, the price goes up to about 0.20 €. Always keep in mind that low and high frequency labels tend to cost a bit more than UHF Ultra High Frequency labels.

Active RFID tags

The most representative active tags are around 30€ per unit. Of course, if you have the budget and the need, you can always opt for active tags that can cost more than 100 € per unit, these usually come with a special protective case, extra long battery life or sensors.


Active tags

30 each unit aprox.

Costo rfid etiqueta activa


High performance active tags

100 each unit aprox.

Etiqueta activa RFID de altas prestaciones

RFID antennas and cables

Businesses may also need to purchase RFID components such as antennas or cables separately. Antennas usually start from a minimum base of about 200 euros, while cables depend mainly on the length of these, but for a general idea, a traditional RFID cable of 5m is usually around 15 €.


Aproximately 3 each meter of cable

Cables y accesorios RFID


RFID antennas

Antena RFID universal

RFID readers

The price of UHF RFID readers has been dropping as demand and production have increased in recent years and they are often purchased as part of a complete system, with tags and mapping software to determine the location of the tags.

Most UHF readers cost between €500 and €2,000, depending on the characteristics of the device.

Low and high frequency readers vary in price, depending on different factors. A low-frequency reader model (a circuit board that can be put on another device) can cost less than €100, while a fully functional stand-alone reader can cost around €750.

OEM modules

To finish, high-frequency RFID OEM devicces typically cost between 200 and 300 euros.


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RFID tags are a fundamental component of any internal traceability system. They use radio frequency to transmit the information contained in them to a reader to identify an asset.

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Radio frequency identification is a technology that allows us to identify almost any object wirelessly using data transmitted through radio waves. It knows the components that make up an RFID system.

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